Research groups

The Catalysis of Chemical Processes and its contribution to sustainable chemistry represents the Institute’s most extensive reseaarch line. Its main purpose is to develop processes and products which minimise waste. It comprises research into all spheres of chemical catalysis: homogeneous, heterogeneous and enantioselective catalysis, the development of new ligands and catalytic processes and the design and simulation of catalytic reactors.

Another area of research focuses on Nanoscience and Supramolecular Chemistry, primarly geared toward designing molecular receptors, self-replicating and self-assembling molecules, molecular aggregates with specific properties (sensors, molecular motors, etc), molecular materials combining chemical and physical properties, and supramolecular catalysts. The general goal is to contribute to the development of molecular nanotechnology through a bottom-up approach.

And last but not least, the fastest-growing line of research at ICIQ, is focused on the field of Renewable Energies and Environmental Research, with the aim to contribute to the obtention of clean energy sources from a chemical standpoint. Several groups are currently working on developing organic solar cells to serve as an alternative to the silicon cells used today, and finding new strategies for environmental remediation.