Transfer of knowledge and technology to the industrial sector is an integral part of the institute’s activities. During 2013, the technology development unit CSOL has been involved in several collaborative projects with industry in the field of homogeneous catalysis as well as performing valorization projects to develop the inventions made by ICIQ’s research groups into technologies that are ready to be transferred to the industry.

As for Crysforma, it continues expanding its capabilities in the field of pharmaceutical solid state development by organizing providing new analytical services using the X-ray beam line at the ALBA synchrotron.Moreover, Crysforma organized its 3rd workshop on solid state development oriented towards industry professionals.

Globally, 15 research projects with industry have been active during 2013, including the Esteve-ICIQ and Henkel-ICIQ joint units. Finally,4 patents have been applied for, arising from the research results from ICIQ’s groups.