ICIQ tops ranking on scientific excellence

2013 Scimago report placed ICIQ as the leading research centre in Spain according to the ratio of excellence. This indicator represents the amount (in %) of an institution’s scientific output that is included into the set of the 10% of the most cited papers in their respective scientific fields. The ratio of excellence is a measure of high quality output of research institutions, as described by SCImago Research Group.

ICIQ’s privileged position in the list confirmed the Institute’s strong evolution towards scientific excellence since the beginning of its research activities in 2004. Since then, ICIQ has published more than 1000 scientific articles. About 90% of them have been published in the most influential chemical research journals in the world, those ranked in the first quartile (25%). The recognition of the quality of research carried out at ICIQ is also accredited by the, so far, 7 ERC (European Research Council) Grants granted to ICIQ’s principal investigators.