Research group

Research abstract

Our research spans organic and inorganic chemistry with emphasis on metal complex catalysis and mechanistic studies.  The main focus of the group is on new chemical transformations toward the development of highly challenging and practicable processes as well as deep understanding of elementary steps involved in the catalytic loop.  Many of our projects are centered on organometallic fluorine chemistry, a new and exciting area for research.  Our ultimate goal is the development of efficient methods for highly chemo- and regioselective, practicable fluorination, trifluoromethylation, and fluoroalkylation reactions of organic molecules with metal reagents and catalysts.  Our other research interests include the synthesis of homogeneous catalysts, fine chemicals from renewable resources, inert bond activation, and new metal-catalyzed reactions of otherwise unreactive aromatic substrates.

Topics addressed

  • Organometallic fluorine chemistry
  • New, Highly Efficient, Simple, Safe, and Scalable Synthesis of [(Ph3P)3Ru(CO)(H)2]


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