Research group

Research abstract

Our current research activities are split into two main directions: (1) the use of carbon dioxide as a C1 building block in organic synthesis using new and improved catalytic strategies, and (2) the application of appropriate building blocks for the development of smart materials. In the first area, we have been active in the preparation of organic carbonates for a number of years, focusing on sustainable solutions and improving activity and stereo-selectivity profiles. We are currently expanding our activities to other classes of compounds such as oxazolidinones, CO2-based (bio)polymers and more complex organic matter derived in tandem approaches. In the second area, we have developed systems that have allowed us to study chirality transfer effects and the development of new electronic materials. Connected to this latter activity, we wish to design systems that are able to control the nanoscopic features of self-assembled molecules either in the solution phase or on surfaces (single-molecule studies), with an aim to develop materials with interesting functions and/or catalytic properties.

Topics addressed

  • Carbon dioxide chemistry
  • Building blocks for the development of new materials 


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