Crysforma’s activity:

Crysforma provides complete scientific support for the discovery, analysis and scale-up of polymorphs, hydrates, amorphous phases, salts and co-crystals of active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates.

Crysforma has developed its own crystallization screening methodology based on the combination of several crystallization procedures. We use high-throughput crystallization systems controlled by highly skilled scientists to maximize the information drawn from each experiment (read more).


Highlights 2013

  • Crysforma is offering a new service to its customers: Detection of an undesired polymorph in API or final drug product, as well as the determination of the corresponding detection limit, using the X-ray beam line of the ALBA synchrotron. This service is of great interest for generic companies, in case of APIs where a certain polymorph (crystalline phase) is under patent protection, and the Company has to prove that this particular polymorph is not present in their product. In order to prove non-infringement, it is necessary to use the most sensitive techniques available, which is why Crysforma is using the ALBA synchrotron.
  • On the 19th and 20th of November, Crysforma organized its 3rd Pharmaceutical Solid State Development Workshop, aimed at industry professionals. Once more, the workshop aroused the interest of professionals around Europe, with participants coming from Germany, Czech Republic and England.
  • By the end of the year, Fundació Obra Social La Caixa decided to sponsor three projects at ICIQ, one of which will be taking place in Crysforma during 2014, involving the discovery and development of co-crystals with improved properties of several APIs of high medical and industrial relevance.