CSOL’s activity:

CSOL’s mission is to act as the link between the researchers’ expertise and the industry, as well as developing the researchers’ discoveries into industrial applications with a comprehensive approach. (read more)

Highlights 2013

  • During 2013 CSOL has been working on five valorization projects aimed at further developing inventions or know-how of ICIQ groups:
    • Supported organocatalysts (Prof. Pericàs). CSOL has developed a reliable, reproducible, and scalable route towards the active species and its subsequent anchoring to polymeric resins, which consistently provides materials that induce high levels of enantioselectivity.
    • Trifluoromethylation with fluoroform (Prof. Grushin). CSOL has demonstrated that the reaction is scalable, can be performed in conventional conditions (avoiding the use of strict exclusion of water and oxygen), and can be used in one single reactor (one-pot) for the synthesis of trifluoromethylated derivates.
    • Metal-free diamination of olefins (Prof. Muñiz). CSOL has developed new diamination reagents, providing a promising novel reagent that can be deprotected under mild conditions, either basic or photochemical, which scope is under way.
    • Enantioenriched diol derived from biomass (furfural) (Prof. van Leeuwen, Prof. Grushin). CSOL studied the isolation of the molecule by co-crystallization, obtaining good results in terms of purity, although the yield has not been optimized.
    • Synthesis of new analogs of Englerin A (Prof. Echavarren). CSOL has developed a scalable process that has allowed preparing several new analogs of Englerin A, including a new family with promising antitumoral activity (in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute in USA).
  • CSOL has carried out two additional projects to synthesize products developed at ICIQ (or synthesized through methods developed at ICIQ), in order to make this products available to the scientific community. In particular, three new products related to the research of Prof.  Vladimir Grushin and Prof. Paolo Melchiorre’s groups are now available through the company Strem Chemicals.
  • By the end of the year, Fundació Obra Social La Caixa decided to sponsor three projects at ICIQ, two of which will take place at CSOL during 2013, involving the valorization of technologies from the groups of Prof. Emilio Palomares and Prof. Miquel A. Pericàs.