Chemical Reaction Technologies Unit


The Chemical Reaction Technologies Unit provides ICIQ researchers with the latest technologies related to the reaction performance: chemical reaction development, with special emphasis on reaction parallelization and high throughput synthesis, reaction scale up, in situ reaction monitoring and reactions under special conditions (high pressure, microflow, supercritical fluids, microwave…). The Unit is also in charge of special conditions labs: a clean room, a dark lab to handle photosensitive chemicals and two labs fully equipped to run reactions at high pressure.

Moreover, the Unit also helps researchers in terms of complex reaction set ups, specially set ups involving gases. In 2013, the Unit has set methodologies to work with SO2 and H2S and has improved his expertize running flow reactions involving reactive gases.

Another special application developed in 2013 was the use of the React IR to monitor a flow reaction.

In 2013 the Unit staff designed and installed a new high pressure panel in a fume hood to pressurize autoclaves in an easy way.


  • MultiMax from Mettler Toledo®
  • Two SPR-16 from AMTECH®, first and second generation.
  • A complete set of high pressure reactors (from 1 to 24 positions) with working volumes from 10 to 750 mL and the possibility to work up to 180ºC and 100 bar.
  • A photochemical reactor (Rayonet® RPR-200).
  • A monochromatic light source (Till Photonics®).
  • A microwave reactor: CEM Explorer ®.
  • A preparative flash chromatography system (Combiflash Companion 4x from ISCO®).
  • LabMax® from Mettler Toledo.
  • Microflow reaction systems from Mikroglass®
  • Supercritical CO2 reactor from SITEC®.
  • Metal and organic molecule evaporator