Photophysics Unit


The Photophysics Unit is specialized in the field of material characterization. In a highly applied research level, this laboratory provides ICIQ researchers with equipment for molecular photovoltaic and organic LEDs devices characterization, such as device efficiency, stability, charge recombination processes, etc.

The major part of experiments carried on 2013 at Photophysics Unit is related with the materials research for molecular solar cells. Most of characterized devices are: dye sensitized, organic polymer-fullerene, small molecule, quantum dot – polymer, quantum dot – fullerene and perovskites solar cells.

During 2013 the Photophysics Unit has been involved in the following setups:

  • Magneto-chiral dicroism system. This setup tries to achieve chirality changes of chemical compounds in presence of an external magnetic field. This effect can be studied by registering the absorbance at different wavelengths.
  • Linux embedded system for solar cell stability v-i monitoring. The long-term study of the performance of solar cell requires a stable monitoring setup that no collapse during measurement process. The combination of Linux and ARM architecture processor make possible performances more than 800 hours of registering.

Other small projects we are working on are these ones: design of motorized filter holder with USB connection, design of motorized shutter with software control, low light v-i curve characterization setup, design of a high intensity LED based lamp for artificial photosynthesis, and laser diode calibrations for NMR photoreactions characterization.


  • Two transient absorption spectroscopy systems.
  • Solar simulator and VI tracer (Abet).
  • QE/IPCE measurement kit.
  • OLEDs characterization system.
  • VI stability system.
  • CE&TPV for DSC.
  • CE&TPV for organic cell