High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Unit


The High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Unit provides ICIQ researchers with access to state-of the-art mass spectrometry instruments capable of characterizing the wide range of compounds which are typically of interest in the institute. The apparatus equipment include a variety of ionization options, sample introduction and chromatographic techniques required for mass spectrometry analysis of organic and organometallic compounds.

The MS Unit provides comprehensive training for ICIQ researchers to ensure optimal use of the facility and appropriate data interpretation, including periodic talks on practical aspects of MS started on 2013.

The year 2013 was challenging for the Unit as started with LC-MS devices completely renewed. This fact has speed up the analysis time and has broadened the scope of experiments available.

In 2013, the Mass Spectrometry team has improved his expertize on polymer analysis, as the number of polymers submitted increased amazingly.

Moreover, in 2013 the MS team has developed a calibration method for accurate mass measurements at low m/z using APCI mode. Suitable commercial standards are not available to perform direct calibration in APCI mode with accuracy better than 5 ppm in the range of MW of the compounds analyzed in the Unit (100-400 u). So a mixture of commercially available compounds that can be used with this goal was designed in the ICIQ MS Unit.


Five mass spectrometers have been acquired since the facility was set up in 2004:

  • Waters® LCT Premier: LC-MS-TOF. ESI and APCI.
  • Bruker® Autoflex: MALDI-MS-TOF. NALDI® option (available for small molecules).
  • Bruker® Maxis Impact: LC-MS-QqTOF.  ESI, APCI and direct insertion probe (DIP).
  • Bruker® MicroTOF focus: LC-MS-TOF. ESI and APCI.