Mechanical Workshop


The mechanical workshop supports the Institute research in terms of design and fabrication of mechanical components and in terms of assembling new singular ICIQ designed measurement devices or reaction setups. Moreover, the mechanical workshop also helps in the repairing and improving works on commercial devices.

The workshop can work with different materials (SS, Teflon, aluminium…) and can make pieces of almost any shape.

In 2013 the workshop has been consolidated, increasing the number of singular projects and helping the research groups from the most practical to the most sophisticated point of view. Some of the projects executed in 2013 are these ones:

  • Design of a complex piece to be sintered.
  • Design and fabrication of a dark box fully equipped to run photochemical reactions.
  • Repair of the Teflon coated rotavap baths.
  • Design and fabrication of different control panels.
  • Design and fabrication of soundproof boxes for the vacuum pumps.
  • Design and fabrication of safety components for laser applications.

The workshop participates in a network of mechanical workshops based in research institutes. The 2013 annual meeting took place in the ICIQ.


  • CNC Milling machine from Microcut.
  • CNC Lathe from Pinacho.
  • CNC Milling machine from Proxxon.
  • CNC Lathe from Proxxon.
  • Electrical grinding machine.
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Wide selection of tools.
  • Solid Works, AutoCAD and CAMWorks.